1884. Just by mentioning the year in which Yzaguirre first developed its products, one can imagine that this is very good Vermouth.

“Over a hundred years producing vermouth with our secret formula” is one of its most significant slogans. And to get to where they are today has required a great deal of hard work, combining the use of traditional methods and modern improvements in order to maintain the quality standards demanded by today’s markets. Anyone who has tried their vermouth knows the reason for the company’s long history.

This commitment to quality has allowed Yzaguirre to establish a presence in 28 countries.

Thanks to the knowledge and work carried out during this all this time, Yzaguirre has a wide range of products in different areas:

- Vermouth: Vermouth Yzaguirre, with 8 varieties, and Vermouth Francisco Simó y Cia., with 2 varieties.

- Liqueur wines.

- Wine.

- Sangria.

- Bittersweet vinegar.

“To arrive at the point at which we have arrived, and to achieve what we have achieved, is not a coincidence. Behind all this there is a lot of work, a lot of effort and a lot of research to improve products and processes.
As a result of research to improve one of the processes in our vermouth, we chose the Flames VLC O-900 burner as a solution.
This gas burner is perfectly suited to our quality standards, offers very good performance and enables us to improve the manufacturing process of our vermouth with ease.
Additionally, this gas-powered, powerful industrial burner is very easy to use and a very good alternative to electricity.”




Cliente: Yzaguirre – Celler Sort del Castell Sector: Distilleries Modelo: Burner O-900 Propane Web: vermutyzaguirre.com