Stauning Whisky

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Located in Stauning, a town in the West coast of Denmark, the Stauning Danish Whisky is a wonderful growing project started in 2005 by a group of friends from diverse professional backgrounds including engineers, chefs and professors.

Their range of distilled liquors showcases special editions and the Rye, Traditional and Peated varieties.

Stauning Whisky is the only Danish Whisky company which uses 100% malted barley and rye from Denmark, and also places special care in the distilling process using copper still pots.

Thanks to these efforts, they obtain a high quality whiskey which has received many awards, and has been listed as one of the top labels on the Whisky Bible list.

Additionally, they offer tours of their facilities to teach about the whisky distilling process, as well as whisky tastings.

The following is their testimony regarding our products;


 “ We monitor the entire whisky production process so that it continues to maintain the essence of an artisan distillery. This is why we look for high quality products and materials for each of the production steps.

We use the burners from the TT Flames VLC industrial burners range because they adapt very well to our still pots. They are also very powerful so they allow us to do a good job with the products we use.

Their safety valve makes them ideal for indoor use, and their good flame distribution facilitates the distillation process.

Henning Svoldagaard


Stauning Whisky

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