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Sabors Casolans is a company specialized in catering for events and Show Cooking. It is well-renowned in the sector because of its cuisine and its flavorful dishes. Thanks to their valuable experience, they can provide guaranteed optimal results and quality services in all events and caterings.

They create a Mediterranean cuisine which blends the best traditional flavours with avant-garde touches, and allows them to offer dishes ranging from sophisticated to home-cooked styles.

Their “Cuina en Directe” catering service offers on-site freshly cooked and served food for every event.

Additionally, they know well the gastronomical needs in their work area thanks to their long time experience in the Show Cooking service.

They use high-performance portable facilities and equipment, and employ a team of professionals which help and advise clients about all their needs at the event site.

This is why all of Sabors Casolans work aims to meet their main goal; to provide all clients’ needs and requirements while offering a quality guaranteed service.

The following is their testimony regarding our products;


 “We have several industrial size 0-900 burners. Due to our business activity, we need to be ready to take cookers and facilities to the event sites, and the portability and durability of these large size burners allows us to manage events that require the production of large amounts of food such as paellas for a large number of people. Additionally, because of the versatility of these professional burners, we cannot only cook multiple rice dishes, but also prepare pastries such as traditional cocas on the spot. These industrial burners help us cook a large amount of food in less time thanks to the powerful direct heat they provide.

Francisco Faus


Sabors Casolans


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