Payet & Rivière

Payet & Rivière

Payet &Riviere is a company engaged in the manufacture of products derived from the sugarcane. They themselves grow their own sugarcane in their Bel Air state, one of the oldest in the island, respecting the principles of responsible agriculture.

Among the main products they produce are the Galabé and the Syrup.

Keeping the familiar recipes and old procedures, Galabé is achieved after a long and meticulous preparation of the first pressed sugarcane juice. The sugar obtained after this process is natural make it very appreciated among cookers, bakers and chocolate-makers since it gives them the opportunity to develop the creativity in their dishes infinitely.

The Syrup is a pure concentrated, totally natural as well, of wonderful flavour and mellow texture.


 “For the production of the Galabé and the Syrup it is very important the process of heating and cooking the juice. For this reason, at Payet &Riviêre we use TT-600 FLAMES VLC burners, with safety valve thermocouple, which suit our production perfectly.
We enjoy preparing our most valuable products with great confidence and tranquility using these high quality and powerful burners.

Alexis Rivière



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