Le Mas des Confitures


Les Mas des Confitures is an excellent example of how a family tradition becomes a wonderful business reality.

Grandma´s Sunday recipes prepared for children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, were passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, Le Mas des Confitures has turned all these recipes, and the stories behind them, into Premium artisanal sweet marmalades, steeped in rich tradition and made with unconditional loving care.

All marmalades start with a careful selection of the picked fruit. No artificial colorants and preservatives are added which guarantees their unique authentic flavor.

Therefore, harvests from local producers, which are available just a few kilometers away, are used. Le Mas des Confitures believes that it is important to ensure that their ingredients come from sustainable agriculture sources so that marmalade lovers can enjoy the best possible product.

Thanks to all the valuable know- how that they have accumulated, Le Mas des Confitures have positioned themselves in the French market as a high quality product which can be found in the best hotels and restaurants in the country.


 “In order to be able to make all our marmalades with the dedication and loving care that we want to convey, we need to be extremely careful with the entire process, which goes from the selection of natural ingredients to the choice of equipment and materials used in the production. 

This is why we have decided to trust Flames VLC industrial indoor burners for the cooking process as they allow us to have excellent control of the fire and guarantee a trouble free process. 

The professional indoor burners fitted with a safety valve give us peace of mind while making the marmalades. 

These powerful indoor gas burners allow us to control the flame while cooking ensuring an optimal cooking process.

S. Laurino


Cliente: Le Mas des Confitures Especialidad: Artisanal Food Production Modelo: TT380 Propane Web: lemasdesconfitures.com