Grupo Rex


Grupo Rex has over 25 years experience in the hospitality sector; experience that has made it a benchmark for events in the Valencia Region.

Historically, Grupo REX has been characterized by its nonconformity and its obsession with constant evolution for the benefit of its customers.

As a result of this non-conformity and desire to be at the forefront, Grupo Rex offers more than experiences, it offers “Rexperiences”, fulfilling the requests and desires of its customers.

Events of all types and sizes: Weddings, baptisms and communions, product presentations, professional meetings, conferences, trade shows, corporate parties, theme parties, training courses, scenery for shows, international travel and catering … any event imaginable, and always maintaining the highest quality standards . The company is backed by ISO Q Quality certifications.

Furthermore, they are pioneers in the application of the Q Tourism Quality standard in the banquet sector, following the UNE 157.000 regulations certifying its processes. An award in 2003 from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce is proof of this.

Grupo Rex has 2 fully-equipped, 1500 m2 central kitchens to serve the different rooms and catering services.


 “Organizing high-level events for many people and ensuring the results are good is hard work, but rewarding. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, in addition to being an established and innovative company with many years of experience, it is necessary to provide impeccable service, with the best possible human and technical resources.

Our TT series burners allow us to meet our needs perfectly when it comes to preparing any kind of rice or paella dish.

In our case, we use natural gas and very power paella burners, which provide us with excellent results.

Furthermore, in order to cover all the events to which we provide service we need quality equipment, and these gas paella burners work very well because they are so robust.”

Grupo Rex



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