Gota de Gust


Gotadegust is a company whose activity and service is focused on popular gastronomy: festivals, block parties, social meals, sports clubs, weddings, baptisms, communions and different gastronomic events.

They prepare a family paella as well as a paella for all the people in a town, going through a “fideuà” (a paella made with pasta noodles), a “butifarrada” (a dish made with black pudding sausages), a “chocolatada” (it makes reference to a social event where the engine of the meeting is hot chocolate intake), a “sardinada”( social event where people meet to eat sardines), an appetizer, etc.

Although most of its services are rendered in Catalonia, they also make service outside Catalonia, reaching Italy, for example.

Due to problems in obtaining permits to work with firewood, we decided to buy the burners Flames VLC of the series O and M, which are specially designed to cook rice and giant paellas. In this way, we can continue offering our service wherever and meeting all the necessary regulations.


 “The truth is that it has been a great success as they make our work easier. Due to a better control of the flame, rice dishes and fideuàs are always perfect and look exactly the same in every act. Our customers are very satisfied because they find their event just like when and where they tasted it. In this way, the word of mouth is giving us a lot of work.

Jordi Gotaredona



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