Giant Paellas from Aragon

Payet & Rivière

XXL Big meals, big times

This slogan is well suited for this giant paella company from Aragón because they are specialists in cooking in large quantities.

“We put the best from our land in each paella dish”. This is because this adventure started with a female cook at the forefront showcasing the good cooking skills that have been handed down through the generations.

It has been more than 30 years of experience. It all started among friends who dared to cook for 350 guests. From there we went on to cooking paellas in bulk bringing to life the Spanish saying that if you can feed 300, you can feed 500, 1000, 5000…..or why not? 15,000 people…..You just need the will, the desire and the skills.

Through all these years, Giant Paellas from Aragon has contributed to creating festive, friendly environments where friendship, good food and celebrations are guaranteed beforehand.

Events, parties, celebrations, business gatherings, schools, amusement parks and associations…..there is no get together they cannot do or giant meal that they cannot handle; ranging  from giant paellas and traditional fideuapasta dishes to big stews.


 “Cooking large paellas is quite demanding but, thanks to our experience, we know how to work in this kind of settings both in indoor and outdoor locations. 

This is exactly why, when we have indoor events or we are faced with bans on wood burning fires, we have found that the O-1200 Flames VLC gas burner allows us to prepare giant dishes effectively and safely.

This giant paella burner is easy to transport, gives us great power and results, and is very easy to use. Additionally, its certification guarantees that it will work properly in enclosed spaces without any worries. 

It is not easy to find the kind of industrial burners that we need because our operations require very specific characteristics. We have trusted on the Flames VLC gas burners for our events because they have been capable of addressing the needs of this segment of the market.

Javier Marcos



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