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Galbis Giant Paellas, also known as Galbis, is a Company with more than 35 years of experience in food events, especially in preparing paellas and rices for many people all over the world. Thousands of kilograms of rice and kilometers guarantee their success in over 25 countries, from Japan to Miami.

That is why Galbis is an institution in the world of giant paellas, also because the quality and professionalism that they offer in their services, and how they fit in the junction of entertainment and gastronomy.

They also manage catering services and offer different Spanish traditional dishes, as fideuás, stews, patatas a la riojana (potatoes Rioja-style) or huge lunches.

In addition to its presence and extensive experience, Galbis is also recognized for achieving a Guinness Record for the “Hugh Paella in the World”, made in Madrid in 2001, serving 110.000 rations.


 “With the O-1200 industrial gas burner we can cook giant rice, when by different issues we can’t work with firewood.

As a result, we are able to cook in different food events in a very reliable way keeping the quality in the giant paellas and rice that we cook.

This industrial gas burner fits really well to outdoor cooking and allows us to work very comfortably.

Gema Galbis



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