Del Pot Petit


Del Pot Petit is a family business that produces quality food, with maximum respect for the environment and people.
Consequently, the company produces all its own products, preferably from raw materials obtained from its own lands (certified as organic and located within the Montsant Natural Park).

Del Pot Petit produces many craft products:

- Jams with honey: 17 different varieties. From traditional peach or tomato jams, coconut or pineapple and pears in wine, to other very interesting varieties, such as spring onions or peppers.

- Sugared almonds with or without chocolate.

- Canned vegetables.

With its traditional and natural methods of working, and thanks to the dedication of the team and the quality of the materials they use, all Del Pot Petit’s products are delicious.


“Thanks to the M-400 gas burner can produce part of our craft products in a very comfortable manner.

It is a simple burner to use, very powerful and it facilitates our work greatly.

It is very compact, allowing for a very concentrated flame, and it heats surprisingly quickly.”

Ponç Xercavins



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