Alegría Beers


Alegria Beers has turned a hobby into a job. This artisanal brewery is run by young beer loving people who accidentally came upon the knowledge that it is possible to make their favorite drink at home.

After many years of effort and dedication, they made a leap in their production from 50 to 1000 liters, crafting special beers, full of flavors and aromas which are guaranteed to fill you with “alegría” – meaning joy in Spanish. Because “Alegría” is a way of understanding life, a way of facing our everyday challenges, as well as a good name for a homemade beer which brings us so many joyful times.

Because of their ample experience in the craft beer sector, Alegría Beers has produced many styles of beer such as IPA, APA, Black Lager, Kölsch, Märzen, or Saison, which shows they are always willing to make innovations in styles and varieties.

Obviously, all this effort and love for craft beer has resulted in wonderful brews like Alegria del Valle, Alegría de Vivir, Alegría del Sur, Alegría del Barrio, Alegría Ipannousaurus Rex or Alegría Juanito Polarez. We are certain that many more delicious Alegria beers will continue to be added to the list.

They also have a brewpub at the town of Massanassa in Valencia, Spain, which brings people closer to the quality craft beer sector and which is making their beer progressively better known and valued.

In this brewpub, visitors can taste their tapasand beers with the factory as a background, As well as enjoy several beer related activities. In their tap room, clients are coached on how to find the beer that best suits their taste so they can enjoy it with all their senses, and of course, which plenty of “alegria”.

So you may wonder “Can you tour the factory?” The answer is that of course you can. The tours and guided visits are a wonderful way of showcasting the craft beer culture. Additionally, they organize beer brewing workshops for those interested in getting started in the craft beer world.


 “When we launched our craft beer making project, we wanted it to be both a hobby and a lifestyle, so we set up to research what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do it, and what we needed for it. We found out that one of the options available in order to produce craft beer was to use gas burners. 

Once we identified this need, we started to look into several possible options until we found Flames VLC and we realized that they had ample  experience in the craft beer sector and that their industrial gas burners, specifically the 0-900 industrial gas burner, could fit our needs. Furthermore, they have always been available to help and support us in all our needs.  

This is why we are happy to have this burner which allows us to work so well. It is very interesting to see how a gas burner can generate such power, and yet allow us to work safely in our facilities thanks to the security valve which evidently gives us peace of mind.



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